Useful sites and apps for travelling around Ukraine. Part 1

Preparing your smartphone for a trip nowadays is as important as packing. A phone in your pocket is everything you need to find transportation, navigate in the city, book an appartment or get a cab. That`s why we prepared a list of sites and apps that will help you plan your trip and travel around Ukraine. Few days in the city or a prolonged stay - your phone is smart enough to make your life easier and find you anything you want in an unfamiliar places.


TripAdvisor is a great place to start when you`re planning a trip. There is a lot of information about Ukrainian hotels, venues and top attractions, private or organized tours and free city excursions. You can read detailed reviews with photos and find places that inspire you. Or discover places that weren`t mentioned yet and share this with fellow travellers. If you have questions - welcome to the forum.

The app is available for iOS and Android.

Booking UZ

We already wrote how to find low cost, budget airline flights to Ukraine & best deals on domestic flights. 

Another budget way of travelling around Ukraine is by train. And it`s not only a way to get from one point to another - you travel like locals do. Intercity trains are the fastest and more comfortable. Travelling by overnight trains is more of a cultural experience. The amount of jokes and stories we have about fellow passengers, train conductors, snacks you bring on your trip (however short it will be) and drinking on board (which is allowed, though intoxication is another deal)... 

There is only 1 company, state-owned Ukrzaliznizya, and only 1 site. Booking tickets online is quite easy and you don`t have to print it out (though you can, to triple proof). Just show the QR code on your screen while boarding.

Download the app for iOS and Android.

EasyWay (Eway)

EWay helps you find public transport and create the best routes from point A to point B. Currently there are maps of 60 cities with all of the stops, routes and vehicles in real-time. You can use it offline to see the map, all the routes, scheduled stops and timetables.

The app is available for iOS and Android.

Uber and Uklon 

Both companies provide cab services in Ukraine - and quite effectively too. Travelers like them for fair prices, because drivers, parked near airports and train stations compete on how high a price they can name. Even if you are Ukrainian, they hope you`re from another city and unaware of the distance. The fare is easily 10 or more times higher than the actual mileage. Getting the ride with the app guarantees that the price will be adequate. If you can`t use the app, look for information desk/tourist center/hotel manager or hostess to double check the adress you need and ask them to call the cab they use. 

Drivers of Uber and Uklon rarely speak English beyond few words, but at least you have minimal contact.

You can download Uber here: iOs and Android and Uklon here: iOs and Android. and

Find a hotel or a hostel at, an appartment downtown or a log cabin in the mountains at Airbnb. There is plenty to choose from, so you won`t be dissapointed. Don`t forget about national holidays - some dates can be busier and pricier (Orthodox Easter, New Year, May Day). 

WiFi Map

Roaming isn`t cheap. Travelers always look for free WiFi to stay in touch with the family and use apps that don`t work offline. So here you go - a map of WiFi hotspots in Ukraine. With this map you can assess the coverage in the city you`re going to visit. Of course, new spots appear every day and you can find more spots on sight. 

The app is available for iOS and Android.

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