Kyiv City Tour by Car

During panoramic city tour we will show you a beautiful city with its centuries-old history and rich culture.

from 88 €

Meeting with the driver in the airport.

Meeting with the guide.

During panoramic city tour we will show you our beautiful city with its centenary history and rich culture. You’ll see: the territory of the ancient city - St.Vladimir's Cathedral, Sophia’s Square, St. Sophia's cathedral, monument of Bogdan Khmelnytsky, St. Michael’s cathedral, monument of Duchess Olga. The centre of modern Kyiv - Khreshchatyk street, European square, Square of Independence - Maydan, Pechersk and old Podol - Andrew’s church, Postal square, river-boat station, Kontraktova square and many others…

Kyiv Monastery of the Caves (visiting is 1 additional hour) - since its foundation as the cave monastery in 1015, Lavra has been a preeminent center of the Eastern Orthodox Christianity in Eastern Europe. Together with the Saint Sophia Cathedral, it is inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

After the Monastery we head to the open part of the Museum of the Second World War to see monument of the Motherland (optional).

Recommended duration of the sightseeing tour is 4 hours. Lounge time in the city after the tour.

Transfer to the airport.

Our guide can recommend you best places to eat, whether you prefer Ukrainian, Asian or European cuisine. Feel free to ask about all the places that may be interesting to you - museums, galleries, theaters or pubs, restaurants and clubs. We can book tickets, make reservations at the restaurants, set up visits etc. We will do everything possible to make your time in Kyiv unforgettable.

Prices for the comfort class car (Euro)

3 hours 1-3 per.   4-6 per.   7-15 per.  
Ukrainian/Russian 76 92 103
English 85 101 110
German/French/Italian/Spanish 92 107 120
Arabic 95 110 120
Additional hour 25/29/30/32 30/34/36/37 35/36/40/40
Round transfer from and back to Boryspil 45 65 95

Prices for the business-class cars (Euro)

3 hours 1-3 per.   4-6 per.   7-15 per.  
Ukrainian/Russian 92 107 123
English 107 117 135
German/French/Italian/Spanish 114 123 141
Arabic 119 126 140
Additional hour 30/36/38/40 36/39/41/42 41/45/47/47
Round transfer from and back to Boryspil 75 95 125

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