Tour to the Radomysl castle

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Tour program

Day 1

We invite you to the medieval-looking Radomysl Castle. You`ll see "The Soul of Ukraine" - the biggest collection of home icons from every part of Ukraine. And visit a unique paper mill for a papermaking master class.

Departure from Kyiv at 9 a.m.

The medieval-looking Radomysl Castle stands between two man-made waterfalls, and the park is several islands connected by beautiful small bridges. Old sculptures peek out of well-kept greenery or guard paths and entryways.

In the Radomysl castle you will see not only the restored interiors with ancient furniture and household items. It is the home for unique collection named "The Soul of Ukraine". It consists of more than 5 000 Ukrainian home icons from XVII-XX centuries. This is a truly great exhibition, but not only in number. It gives a very warm feeling as every item was very dear and precious for its owners. Somehow the saints look more like old relatives, approachable and friendly.

You will see the icons painted on glass, casted of metal and carved on wood. Icons that were used to cut the cord of a child, small travel icons, icons from every region with their unique traditions, coloring techniques, symbols and meanings.

Historically Radomysl was a base of paper production for the needs of biggestOrthodox center - Kyiv Pechersk Lavra (Kyiv Monastery of the Caves). The first book ever published in Kyiv, "Chasoslov" (Horologion or "The Book of Hours"), was printed in 1616 on the paper made here. Radomysl paper wasn`t as white as modern paper, but had good quality and even its own watermarks.

After the tour you will attend the Castle’s paper mill, only one in the country. A young monk will show you how to make paper with the same technology and materials that were used 400 years ago. The paper then consisted of linen (including old rags), nettle and hemp. Garlic and onion peels were added against pests, so books could be stored for decades. The production line was well organised for its time - a single person was able to create 400 pages for half a day.

Free time at the territory of the castle for lunch and photos.

Arrival in Kiev before 5 p.m.

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